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SNU Fashion Design Lab.​

Contemporary and the future global fashion industry is and will be making a strong demand for the fashion concept of creating continually changing new images beyond satisfying the basic desire, that is, ‘clothes’ to protect a body and make it look beautiful and feel pleasant. Fashion Design Lab researches design expressed by clothes in modern life much influenced by a role and a sense of design. Besides, research is being done about the meaning and change of modern Korean costume culture from a sociological perspective. Along with a novel viewpoint of ‘fashion in the design field’, it aims to cultivate fashion specialists demanded by modern society through professional and systemic education on formative elements and principles. Also, it is conducting literature and case studies on past clothing design and collecting and analyzing fashion design-related information to suggest better fashion design satisfying a sense of modern people.

Undergraduate major courses include Western Fashion Cultural History, Fashion Studio and Fashion Illustration, and graduate major courses contain Costume Formative Theory, Costume & Chromatics. Fashion design is researched from a perspective of plastic art, and analysis of fashion-related information and production of design and costume are conducted together. As for careers after graduation, most get a job as a designer or MD from fashion enterprises or enter another academic course.

Recent Research

• Model Development of Haptic Communication for Fashion Product

• Change of Fashion System and Fashion Trend

• Communication and Fashion in the era of the Post-Digital Culture

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